Etimo Multiplayer Tetris App!

May 09, 2014
Currently at Etimo, I am working an a Tetris app! Now you might be thinking “So what?! There are already hundreds of Tetris apps out there!”, and upon making such a statement, you would be correct, however! this is no ordinary Tetris app. This Tetris app enables multi-player functionality over a WAN with a unique competition format. So you can challenge a friend to a “Tetris Dual” regardless of your individual geographic location. The app itself so far is a simple Android Tetris app written in Java, but the part I’m really excited about is the backend multi-player game engine which we are writing in C/C++ utilizing asynchronous network programming in order to be green while still serving the Tetris needs of our players! Henceforth I will be writing a weekly (or if you are lucky, bi-weekly) blog post related to some sort of useful technology or feature of a technology which I come across during this endeavor.

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